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KH-HUMEC(Glyceryl Glucoside)

Glyceryl Glucoside is the main component of the selaginella lepidop- ylla. It is known to the cosmetics industry as a substance related to the survival of Selaginella lepidopylla and blue green algae under extremly dry conditions. KH-HUMEC(Glyceryl Glucoside), obtained by our specific manufacturing process, can gives increase of skin moisture, skin elasticity, skin texture, and wound healing. Therefore it can be used as a key component that improves skin conditions in cosmetic products.

Moisturizing Test Result

Efficacies of KH-HUMEC

1) KH-HUMEC is made from plant-derived glycerol and glucose.
2) Excellent effects on skin moisturizing and conditioning.
3) Also it has anti-aging properties because of its superior cell regeneration ability.