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  • HAqua-7


Hyaluronic Acid with very low Mw

It is oligomeric hyaluronic acid with less than 5KDa of Mw. HAqua-7 shows high expression of aquaporin 3 mRNA and protein in HaCaT cell so that it shows high moisturizing effect in clinical test.
HAqua-7 has also anti-inflammation effect by inhibition of NF-kB which plays a key role in skin inflammation.

Efficacies of HAqua-7 for Cosmetic Application

1) Skin moisturizing effect followed by increase of expression of aquaporin 3 mRNA and proteins in HaCaT cell.
2) Skin homeosis and anti-aging effect by keeping excellent skin moisturizing effect(clinical).
3) Skin anti-inflammation effect by suppression of NO production and inhibition of expression of NF-kB.

  • Increase of Aquaporin 3 Expression in HaCaT cell
  • Anti-inflammatory effect(in vitro)
  • Cell Viability(in vitro)
  • Skin moisturizing effect(Clinical)