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CHITOPORIN-3 maintains skin moisturizing by increase of AQP-3 in the skin cells

It is oligomeric chitosan with Mw of less than 5KDa. CHITOPORIN-3 shows high expression of aquaporin 3 mRNA and protein in HaCaT cell so that it shows high moisturizing effect in vitro test. CHITOPORIN-3 has also relatively anti-inflammation effect by inhibition of NF-kB which plays a key role in skin inflammation.

Characteristics of CHITOPORIN-3

  • Oligo chito saccharide prepared by enzyme
    hydrolysis (Mw 1,500 Da)
  • Molecular weight of CHITOPORIN-3
    is about 1,000 Da (GPC)

Efficacies of CHITOPORIN-3 for Cosmetic Application

1) Skin moisturizing effect followed by increase of expression of aquaporin 3 mRNA and proteins in HaCaT cell.
2) Skin homeosis and anti-aging effect by keeping excellent skin moisturizing effect.
3) Skin anti-inflammation effect by inhibition of expression of NF-kB.

  • Increase of Aquaporin 3 Expression by CHITOPORIN-3 in HaCaT cell
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
    (in vitro)
  • Cell viability of CHITOPORIN-3 on RAW
    264.7 cells(No Cytotoxicity)
Appearance pale yellow liquid
Dry Residue ≥0.2%
pH(neat) 4.0-6.0
Molecular Weight ≤1,000 Da
Heavy Metals ≤10 ppm
Arsenic ≤2ppm
Total Bacterial Count ≤100 cfu/g
  • Skin moisturizing effect(desiccator)
  • Recommanded Dosage for Cosmetic Application
    1-3% for face and body, 2- 5% for hair